Pictures of villages remind us of how humanity has socialized and built infrastructure to help them carry on in their daily lives.  From a photographer's perspective, these pictures also provide a way to explore beautiful colors, shapes, lines and patterns.  I also like how rural American and coastline villages show a very calm and peaceful aspect of life.

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Sunrise at the Wolfeboro’s Band Stand

Winnie Belle Early Morning Arrival

Sunrise at Wolfeboro’s Town Dock

Winnie Belle before Sunrise

Portsmouth 1

Portsmouth 4

Abandoned Barn 1

Abandoned Barn 2

Abandoned Barn 4

Vermont Farm in Autumn - 3

Sleepy Hollow Farm - 1

Alaskan Coast

Portsmouth 2

Abandoned Barn 3

Hand Tools at the Barn

Abandoned Barn 5

Vermont Farm in Autumn - 1

Sleepy Hollow Farm - 2

ew England Fall

Boat at Rockport

Portsmouth 3

Portsmouth 5

Fishing Boat at Harbor

Barn in Winter

Vermont Farm in Autumn - 2

Gate to the Past

Heavenly Bodies

Vermont Covered Bridge

Ornaments from the Past

Remembering Yesterday

Weathered Cart

Backcountry Living

A Smiling Welcome

Hanging On

Rural Woodpile