Three's Company

(and often more interesting)

Have you ever thought that a single picture behind a sofa seemed lonely?  Maybe it's time to think of adding one or two more.

Should you go for two or three?  If wall space is limited, you probably will choose two.  If wall space is not limited you might be better off with three.  Why?  Artists focus on attracting and keeping the viewer's attention.  One rule that they often follow is the rule of "3's".  It is felt that if you provide one or two objects for the viewer to look at, you will loose them more quickly than if you provide three things to compare, contrast and analyze.  This engages the viewer's mind and builds interest.


So, as your own interior decorator, in your effort to design an attractive and interesting room decor, try using this rule of "3's" with your pictures.  There are many images on this site.  How would you combine them to decorate your rooms?  

How about swapping the middle image?


Let's try again with just images from the "Trees" category.


Let's try another approach by taking a single scene and breaking it into thirds.


You might like to capture a number of shots taken during a memorable event.

Try this ... taken directly from our Streams and Waterfalls page.

Maybe you want to show your friends images of a travel destination.