The Shore and Lighthouses

The smell of salt air, the sound of waves breaking and sea gulls flying overhead are fond memories.  Lighthouses, to me, are symbols of steadfastness and stability.  The items in this gallery are images meant to bring to you your own memories of being at the shore.  

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Nubble Lighthouse 3

Lighthouse with Flag

Annisquam Light

Portland Head Light 2

Sea Girt Shore 1

Portland Head Light 4

Sea Girt Shore 3

Sea Girt Shore 2

Portland Head Light 3

Marshall Point Lighthouse 1

Marshall Point Lighthouse 2

Rowboats 3

Moored Rowboat

Nubble Lighthouse 1

Pemaquid Lighthouse 1

Pemaquid Lighthouse 3


Rowboats 2

Gull 1

Rowboats 4

Rowboats 5

Pemequid Lighthouse 5

Portland Head Light 7

Rowboats 1

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Pemaquid Lighthouse 2

Pemaquid Lighthouse 4

Portland Head Light 5

Gull 2

Sea Girt Shore 4

Nubble Lighthouse 2

Rowboats 6

Rowboats 6

Owl's Head Light

Portland Head Light 9

Pond Island Light

Portland Head Light Fly-Over

Portland Head Light before Sunrise

Sunrise off shore by Portland Head Light

Fisherman’s Dory

Nubble Lighthouse 4

Nubble Lighthouse 5