Railroads and Trains

One of my personal interests is model railroads.  Since being very young, I remember waiting for my father to come home from work on a train pulled by a steam engine.  I remember waiting for REA packages to arrive at the local freight station.  For those who share this memory, and for those whose children and grand children have reconnected to trains, I share the images below.

Steam Engine 7470

Polar Express 1

Warning Bell

Power Wheel

Ghost Rider

Diesel in Snow 1

Rolling Wheels

Diesel on Bridge

Crawford Notch Train 1

Crawford Notch Train 2

Crawford Notch

Polar Express 4

Polar Express 5

Diesel on Bridge - 2

Polar Express 2

Diesel in Snow 2

Polar Express 3

Crawford Notch Train 3

Crawford Station

Russ's Model Railroad

Crawford Station - 2

Crawford Notch Train 4