Mount Washington

I have often been to the summit of Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Whether by climbing, by auto road or by traveling on the cog rail, it has always been a stimulating experience.  You are at the "top of the world".  A time to think.  A time to breath fresh air.  A time to enjoy the present. These images are to share this experience.

On Top of the World 1

Base Station 1

Leaving the Base Station 2

Engine Service

Meet the Engineer

Leaving the Base Station 1

Little Engine that Could

Leaving the Base Station 3

Base Station 2

Making the Ascent 1

Preparation for Loading

Making the Ascent 2

Approaching the Summit

Making the Ascent 3

At the Summit 1

At the Summit 2

On Top of the World 2

At the Summit 3


At the Summit 4

On Top of the World 3

Path to the Summit

On Top of the World by Train