New Hampshire has beautiful, clear, sand-bottomed lakes.  I always enjoy images ... boat houses, docks, and shorelines ... which bring back memories of being on the lakes.

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Jordan Pond in Acadia

Sunset Point 1

Wentworth in Winter 1

Boathouse in Winter 1

Boathouse in Fall 2

Sunset Point 4

Wolfeboro Dock 4

Boathouse in Fall 1

Sunset Point 2

Wentworth in Winter 2

Sunset Point in Winter

Wolfeboro Dock 1

Wolfeboro Dock 2

Wetlands Grass

Last Pier

Wentworth in Spring

Sunset Point 3

Wentworth in Winter 3

Boathouse in Winter 2

Alton in Fall

Wolfeboro Dock 3