New Hampshire has beautiful, clear, sand-bottomed lakes.  I always enjoy images ... boat houses, docks, and shorelines ... which bring back memories of being on the lakes.

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Calm Stillness in Fog

Jordan Pond in Acadia

Sunset Point 1

Wentworth in Winter 1

Boathouse in Winter 1

Boathouse in Fall 2

Last Pier

Boathouse in Fall 1

Sunset Point 2

Wentworth in Winter 2

Wolfeboro Dock 1

Sunset Point in Winter

Wolfeboro Dock 2

Wetlands Grass

Wentworth in Spring

Sunset Point 3

Wentworth in Winter 3

Alton in Fall

Boathouse in Winter 2

Wolfeboro Dock 3

Sunset Point 4

Mt. Washington at Meredith

Wolfeboro Dock 4

Calm before the Storm at Lake Wentworth

Dock at Back Bay

Point of Pines

Last Light in Winter

Boat Dock in Fog

Wentworth Ice

Lake Chocorua in Winter

Winnie Belle at Wolfeboro Town Dock

Morning View from Bandstand