Wolfeboro, is a small, and wonderful, town in New Hampshire.  As the year goes by, many special events come to town.  We have, for example, Motorcycle Week, and the Great Waters Music Festival.  It's exciting to try to capture the moment with a camera.

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Vocalist 1

Vocalist 3

Flute and Piano Duet

Group Leader

Pianist in White

Easy Rider

Snapping a Tune


Children's Beach Party 1

A Wave of Sound

Windjammers at Rockland, Maine

Cycle Lot 2

Vocalist 2

Student on Flute

Instrumental Instructor with Student

Piano with Guitar

Dynamic Duo

Vocalist 4

Antique Car Collection

Vocalist and Pianist

Brewster Academy on July 4th

Cycle Hill Climb

Master of Ceremonies

Student at Piano


Pianist in Red

Cycle Lot 1

Engaged Audience


Children's Beach Party 2

Photographers at Portland Head Light before Sunrise